The importance of video to convey your message is undeniable.

People now expect video in some form when they visit a website

and video delivers your message in a fast, efficient and powerful way.

The power of a professionally made video can ensure your message's success.

Make it work for you!

Camerawork/Editing Demo

Camerawork Editing Demo

Camerawork Editing Demo

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Body Paint Music Video - Camera/Editing/FX

Body Paint - Music Video

Body Paint - Music Video

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McKenzie College - Social Entrepreneurs

60,000 Sandpipers at Dorchester

Fundy Park - Shots With Steady Device

News Camera Demo: 1988-2004 (SD Quality)

Edited/Animated Recycle NB Commercial

Riverview - Survey Spec Video

Edited DFO Project With Supplied Footage

Fundy Trail - Edited With Supplied Footage

Here are some sample frames from a Maritime Pride Egg campaign.
I shot the farm segments and edited the ads in the summer of 2014 for CTV Atlantic.

Here are some samples of Standard Definition size ads I shot and edited at CTV Atlantic.

Saint John Seadogs: Shot/Edited

World Class Auto: Shot/Edited

Moncton KIA: Shot Parts/Edited

YMCA Fredericton: Shot/Edited

Dragonboat Festival: Shot/Edited

Home Hardware: Edited

An ATV "Live at 5" News Story I shot and edited with Ron Shaw on a visit to Cape Enrage in August of 1993  





Animation can take a complicated idea
and make it easily understood
in a fun, entertaining way.
Sometimes all it takes is a simple scene
animated with motion graphics or
3d animation to make a difficult concept
clear and visually appealing.
Either way, both can be an extremely effective way to communicate an idea.

3D Animation Demo - Featuring Mostly Discovery Channel Canada Scenes

3D Animation Demo
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Motion Graphics Demo