The importance of video to convey your message is undeniable.

People now expect video in some form when they visit a website

and video delivers your message in a fast, efficient and powerful way.

The power of a professionally made video can ensure your message's success.

Make it work for you!

Camerawork/Editing Demo

Body Paint Music Video - Camera/Editing/FX

McKenzie College - Social Entrepreneurs

60,000 Sandpipers at Dorchester

Fundy Park - Shots With Steady Device

News Camera Demo: 1988-2004 (SD Quality)

Edited/Animated Recycle NB Commercial

Riverview - Survey Spec Video

Edited DFO Project With Supplied Footage

Fundy Trail - Edited With Supplied Footage

Here are some sample frames from a Maritime Pride Egg campaign.
I shot the farm segments and edited the ads in the summer of 2014 for CTV Atlantic.

Here are some samples of Standard Definition size ads I shot and edited at CTV Atlantic.

Saint John Seadogs: Shot/Edited

World Class Auto: Shot/Edited

Moncton KIA: Shot Parts/Edited

YMCA Fredericton: Shot/Edited

Dragonboat Festival: Shot/Edited

Home Hardware: Edited

An ATV "Live at 5" News Story I shot and edited with Ron Shaw on a visit to Cape Enrage in August of 1993  





Animation can take a complicated idea
and make it easily understood
in a fun, entertaining way.
Sometimes all it takes is a simple scene
animated with motion graphics or
3d animation to make a difficult concept
clear and visually appealing.
Either way, both can be an extremely effective way to communicate an idea.

3D Animation Demo - Featuring Mostly Discovery Channel Canada Scenes

Motion Graphics Demo

NASA Footage Contest Entry - Cool Space!

Shot/edited/animated this fundraiser

Here are some sample frames from my demo that I created for Discovery Channel Canada's Mega Builders.

Here are various sample frames I've created from other broadcast documentaries, commercials and corporate videos.




Dave Stuart - Cameraman/Editor/Animator

Having worked in broadcast television for over 26 years,

I bring a wealth of experience in all aspects of video production.

I have 16 years of ENG "news" shooting/editing experience with ATV N.B. and CBC N.B.

and 10 years of EFP "commercial production and editing" with CTV Atlantic.

I have successfully worked with dozens of reporters over the years including many national reporters.

During that time, I have told hundreds of stories visually through my camera lense and edit suite.

I have also successfully worked with various producers and directors while

shooting, editing and animating many commercial and corporate projects throughout my career.

I have shot everything from scenic aerial beauty to deep in a mine, hardened criminals to

famous actors/sport legends, deadly fires to art collections, riots to musical performance and a lot of hockey.

I look forward to working with you to bring your video project to life

whether it's through my camerawork, editing or animation skills (hopefully all!).

Video Production clients include: Atlantic Lottery Corp., CTV Atlantic, TSN, Sears, CIBC, TV1,

Universum Media, i communications, Nova Media, JPI, Hill Video Productions, Fox Sports

My animation career spans over 20 years and I have worked on many documentaries over that time.

I've created 3d animation for dozens of Discovery Channel Canada shows and specials

including 5 seasons of Frontiers of Construction and 5 seasons of Mega Builders.

These shows have aired in over 50 countries around the world.

My work has also appeared on TLC, The History Channel, CTV's W-Five, CTV News,

CBC and CBC's Newsworld and also Ce Soir on Societe Radio-Canada.

Recent work includes CTV Atlantic commercials and digital signage for Atlantic Lottery Corp.

Dave on camera.jpg

Here's a few interesting moments from my career. I'm on the far left in that huge crowd shot.

Faith Hill concert in 2007

Faith Hill concert in 2007

On stage with Faith Hill at Magnetic Hill shooting for the stage screens. I also shot Tim McGraw after her set was done.

The CTV Atlantic crew

The CTV Atlantic crew

Live from Calais, Maine the night Obama was elected in 2008.

Norm & Dave - Sept/2010

Norm & Dave - Sept/2010

George Wendt "Live at 5" shoot in Charlottetown.

Sportsnet camera 2018

Sportsnet camera 2018

Shooting the CIS Hockey finals in Fredericton for Sportsnet in 2018.

Prime Minister interview

Prime Minister interview

An interview with the PM in Miramichi in 2009.

TSN - Bull Riding

TSN - Bull Riding

Doing camera in the chute for TSN in 2019. Their advice...don't get gored! I kept my eyes on those horns and had fun.

ENG Shoot

ENG Shoot

Shooting news in 2009 for CTV Atlantic.

1996 ATV/ASN News Summit in Halifax

1996 ATV/ASN News Summit in Halifax

1996 ATV/ASN News Summit in Halifax - almost everyone.




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